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tv   Call- In for Debate Reaction  CSPAN  October 11, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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noticed, we have strong disagreements. you have probably detected by frustration with their attitude about the american people. my friend says 30% of the american people are takers. romney points out 40% of the people will not take responsibility. he is talking about my mother and father, my neighbors in scranton. he is talking about the people who belted this country. all they are looking for is an even shot. whenever given the shot, they have done it. whenever you level the playing field, they have been able to move. the president and i are not going to rest until the plane field is level, they have a clear shot, and peace of mind. until they can turn to their kid and said, honey, it will be ok. that is what this is all about. >> i want to thank you as well,
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martha. i want to thank you, joe. it has been an honor to engage in the critical debate. we face a very big choice. what kind of country are we going to be? what kind of country are we going to give our kids? president obama had his chance. he made his choices. his economic agenda, more spending, borrowing, higher taxes, a government takeover of health care -- it is not working. it has failed to create the jobs we need. 23 million americans are looking for work today. this is not what a real recovery looks like. you deserve better. mitt romney and i want to earn your support. we are offering real reforms for a real recovery for every american. mitt romney, his experience, his ideas, his solutions is uniquely
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qualified to get the job done. at a time we have a jobs crisis until a america, would it not be nice to have a job creator in the white house? the choice is clear. a stagnant economy that promotes more government dependency, or a dynamic growing economy that provides opportunity and jobs. mitt romney and i will not duck the tough issues. we will not blame others for the next four years. we will take responsibility. we will not try to replace our founding principles. we will reapply our founding principles. the choice is clear. the choice rests with the. we ask you for your vote. thank you. >> thank you but again. thank you very much. this concludes the vice- presidential debate. please tune in next tuesday for the second presidential debate in new york. i do hope all of you go to the polls.
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have a good evening. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [applause]
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>> as we watched the scene following the vice presidential debate, we will soon be opening up your phone lines for the event. we would like to hear what you thought about the format, the moderator, and the candidates as they answered questions on foreign and domestic policy. it will be back at enter a few minutes to get your reaction. -- we will be back to in a few minutes to get your reaction.
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>> as the vice president and his family make their way off the stage, we will begin taking telephone calls. we want to hear we think about
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the debate and what you have learned about the candidates and their positions. you can also tweet us. we will begin with michelle and carolina. >> high. >> tell us what you thought. >> i used to be a democrat. i was a republican. now, i am a independent. i do have some experience with politics. i was an aide for senator strom thurmond. i work in south carolina. right now i am very confused. i just feel very disappointed in the whole issue of the debates. if i go to one party and i will talk about -- the republican
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party right now is very confused. i had a lot more respect for them. i feel like they changed their platform, which is where i was leaning one month ago to were the republican party. i feel like the change the platform a guiding their party. i do not know why. i do know if it was because of the readings. is really making me feel as though they are going towards a platform now or towards the votes and not towards their own convictions, which is weighing me a little bit towards the middle. as we look at the factual information and we compare the two sites, i am sitting here now and looking at all of the things president obama or the democratic party have done for their side. he thinks women should have access to free preventative care and stuff like that, equality for all people, promoting and
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investing in clean energy, he thinks billionaires and millionaires should pay for fare share -- >> i hate to jump in. we have so many callers. michelle, an independent who is now confused about the position for the party. we are seeking your response. next up is neck, a republican from kansas. >> i am a military so i have a lot of these. one thing is, at joe biden always seems like obama, they always say they will take action. they want to pull out of the war in 2014. i can tell you obama has not taken the right action. look at the embassies right now. we are being attacked. joe biden contradicts himself saying if something happens -- same with a nuclear war is and
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everything with iran that. they have the capabilities, and we need to take action. you cannot wait until something has already happened. this is what the military is for. they want to weaken the military. all we need to do is step it up. >> scott, seeking your reaction, an independent. >> i was very disappointed in the whole debate compared to the last presidential debate. i am looking at this as, thank god it by then was there to come off as a used car salesman with his lies. -- joe biden was there to come off as a used car salesman with his lies. i have looked at both fax from both of the side, it is so crystal clear that the republican side has such an
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option that is on the table -- i do not understand where people are coming off there is this flip-flop on the conservative side. i have been an independent ever since the register to vote. i am looking at the facts and doing my homework. i am not using the military points that the liberal media is throwing out there to say, this is what it really is. >> let's take a listen to what is called a media spin room. this is it a glut see working with the campaign. >> -- this is ed gillepsi workign with the campaign. >> talking about the man that mitt romney s. he does care about his fellow citizens. not only has public policy is and what he wants to do to lift people out of poverty, but also
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his own personal life and how he lives his life. >> did you watch him be aggressive like that? >> he now, he has a lot of ground to make up. some frustration on his part. i get the impression he could not defend -- they raised their votes -- their voice a little. people can judge for themselves. i thought the substantive exchange was very important i got a clear choice. >> he say a big choice election. if the president is reelected, we know the taxes will go up. the vice-president said we will raise taxes.
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>> we are taking, facebook. people have strong opinions, but they are all over the lot. for example -- we'd like to hear what you think it. let's hear next from scott. >> i have expressed my disappointment with the election or with the debate to based on the two people that were
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discussing. i think there could have been more clarity on the rise in's park on trying to deliver -- on rye and's part on trying to deliver what he was trying to implement. i mentioned before that the joe biden side was a little bit more of a used-car salesman approach. he tried to spell out how he felt about it. he fell to rise and that could have done a lot better. i guess the democrats are thinking the, thank god the they have joe biden tonight. >> next up is a call from vee from florida. >> i really went on vice president joe biden. i just see the experience. i see the sincerity of in his
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response. i could feel his love for the people. with paul ryan, first of all, he needs to go to the doctor, because he drinks a lot of water. sometimes he feels like -- i believe he looks like he is practicing for this night. he wants to make people believe he and the governor are sincere. but did they lie. joe biden made it very clear, he smiled -- when it seemed paul
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ryan was lying about the war and the things going on overseas, he had to interrupt him and make the people know, his experience with president barack obama made it clear they wanted those people to take control of their own country. >> thank you. let's return to the spender for the other side of the aisle. on this tight, the audio is not quite as good as it could be. let's listen to cody in
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anchorage, alaska. what do you think? >> much better improvement, especially when it came to the moderator. a lot of -- >> next is a call from john from new york. [inaudible] let's listen to a clip from tonight's debate. >> gov. romney talk about the weakness and apologies from the obama administration. was that appropriate right in the middle of a crisis? >> on the same day the obama administration had the same position. they descend out there on
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statement to put up earlier in the day in cairo. it is never too early to speak out for our valleys. we should have spoken out right away when the green revolution was up and started when the mullahs in iran were attacking their own people. we should always stand up for peace, for democracy, for individual rights. we should not imposing these devastating defense cuts. what that does well way equivocate on our values, we sure we are cutting our own defense, it projects weakness. will we look we, our adversaries are more willing to test us. >> with all due respect, that is a bunch of malarkey. not a single thing said is accurate. i will be very specific. number one, this lecture on embassy security, the congressmen here cut embassy
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security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for. so much for the embassy security. no. -- no. two, before he even knew the ambassador was killed, he was making political statements that was panned by the media around the world. this talk about this weakness, i do not understand what my friend is talking about here. this is a president has gone out and done everything he has said he will do. this is a guy who has repaired our alliances of the rest of the world follows us again. this is a guy who has brought the entire world including russia and china to bring about the most devastating efforts on the iran did to make sure they in fact stop. these guys bet against america all the time. >> a look back at some of the presidential debate. we will be airing the entire
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debate beginning at -- about 45 minutes from now. it is also on our web site. you never get a but they can st. -- the campaign side to the has a convention hub it. we have also aggravated all of the debate so you can go back to areas of special interest to you and listen to what the candidates had to say. let's go to calls. patrice is from north carolina, an independent. >> i just wanted to call and say i really enjoyed the debate it. it was so much more substantial in the way it was handled by a moderator. i am an independent. i am probably will vote for the president again. i just cannot really like the
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way that mitt romney and paul ryan are so conservative and are against abortion for -- it seems like they are against abortion for everybody. i did not realize religion played such a big part again to of the government, or should play any part of ventura the government. you can have your personal views, but as far as making choices for other people, i think that is wrong. and will probably be a the downfall of their campaign. >> for you, that question at the end about personal life and religion was an important one? >> yes, i was raised a catholic. it is your own choice. i would not make a choice for somebody else's medical condition or their choice of what they want to do with their life, especially not a choice
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about their own body. >> thank you for your call. cnn had a debate clock. they stopped at these numbers. 41 minutes for vice president by dan and 40 minutes 12 seconds for congressman paul ryan. let's hear next from betty from houston. turn down your tv volume, please. >> yes, thank you. i thought the debate is very good. yes or a democrat, and i found buys president biden was very clear. he was concise. he was a very factual. i did not feel that credibility with paul ryan. he seemed like he piggybacked on everything vice president biden said it. my mother is older, and i am older. i am very concerned about social
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security and things of that nature. i do not think there are looking out for the middle class. if they call the middle class $250,000, they are very out of touch. >> back to facebook asking the question about who won the debate. you can post your comments on c- span's face of a page, and we will continue looking at them as we continue our reaction to the debate. next up is john from utah. as a republican, you are on. >> thank you.
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i think it was nauseating the way mr. joe biden and the last of the way through. does he not take anything serious? he is and that and incompetent as obama. i believe that abortions should not be paid for by the government. they want freedom, they want one, let them pay for it themselves. i would support a constitutional amendment that says, no abortions. >> next up is a comment from chain, a democrat. >> good evening to you, too. i enjoyed the debate very much so. joe biden was able to speak out more than obama was. obama was interrupted more. joe biden was not really allowed
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as long of a period of time as paul ryan was. i suggest when obama comes back again, he takes his own alarm clock so they can conclude who is talking more, a democrat or the republicans. >> thank you some much. next from nevada, an independent dealer named floyd it. >> i want to congratulate the moderator. i thought she did an excellent job. my real concern is i have watched all of the campaign. there are no plans actually defined by either the republicans where as they have bought obama at every turn. going back to the senate, he said he was going to plan to
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make sure he was a one-term president. they will not get my vote in this case. >> thank you. juanita is watching us from florida. >> i would like to first say the moderator did phenomenal job. however, i would like to say this campaign has just been sickening to me. you want to deal with issues and not with persons -- personhood. you do not want to attack anybody poesy person had. -- anybody's personhood it. listening to people calling in and of making a rude and
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disrespectful comments about the candidates that were the vice president and mr. paul ryan, making negative comments about them. i just think that -- did we say we are in strong the country, but let me tell you what makes you week. when you can be rude and disrespectful to the authorities of this country. everybody talks about their relievers -- they want to do the right thing. nobody is really doing the right thing. we are not a respectful country. there is so much rudeness. until we corrected that issue in this country, we are not moving forward. i would like to think other
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countries see us as a laughing stock. until we correct that problem of respect in this country -- respect for each other and the authorities of this country -- we will not be the country we can be. that is what i need to say. >> next up is linda from a west virginia. >> hello. this is linda from west virginia. i am going to go with mr. romney and paul ryan. i thought of vice-president joe biden was very rude. he cut all right and off all the time, like he did not want to hear what he said. on the abortion issue, i agree with the -- they said they supported it for the woman and
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and rape. that is what i believe. planned parenthood to me takes measures not to get that way -- to get a heart beat and kill them. years or die catholic. yes. baptist. the remarks the caller made about joe biden being a used car salesman, i have a son that is a car salesman. he does not talk like that. he is not rude. obama does not carry about the coal miners. he has put lots of them out of work. more mines are closing down. ohio and west virginia and all the other calls states, they are hurting. i think president obama is weak on foreign policy. pretty soon we will have two
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classes said interim america free it two terms from obama. >> on twitter from john kerry -- you are on--sue. >> hello i thought of vice- president joe biden did a great job. he actually gave a description, to let us know exactly where they are at. paul ryan did not give us any information whatsoever. the specifics. >> thank you for your comments. next up is alan, an independent. >> actually, i believe they
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should have ron paul in this debate. joe biden really did a great job here. my biggest concern is that paula rice and hand the mitt romney want to wage war on china, iran and everywhere. that is really devastating and has weakened america that way. they're extremely shallow when it comes to foreign affairs. this is how they think. they want to wage war. they have no plan. it looks like joe biden, no doubt, much more skilled in this debate. he has one, no doubt. thank you. >> thank you. let's introduce you to rob -- robert. he is a professor at lynn university. it will host its own debate, the
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third and final one, on october 22 on foreign policy. professor watson has a key of scoring the debate. he worked on this. he has students watch and do this matrix. to judge how the debate turned out. the scoring process looks at these things. appeal to base, swing voters, control the agenda, goals, content of dancers, leadership, zingers and blunders, open, and close. who scored better? >> we are still calculating all the student pope is in response despite -- susans' responses. how responses. we have had folks in the community who want to be part --
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students' responses. i would give the edge to buy in. biden was 11 and ryan was 10. i had it as a close debate. the edge or biden was two-fold. he seemed to control the agenda more than ryan did. biden was leaving for every time ryan tried to criticize the president. biden did not lead and get away with it. he interrupted a few times. he spoke directly to whatever allegations ryan did. that was a complete role russell from last week, where i thought mitt romney was leading and obama was on the defensive. the other thing i thought biden did a particularly good job on was, ryan was appealing to falls with statistics and various reports. biden appealed to people on
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personality, with a gut, with a heart. in presidential politics, personalities so often from policy, not to say he did not have a good substance of policy. i thought we sought two extremely articulate, hard working public servants. we probably need more versions of joe biden and mr. ryan. i thought biden scored a few nice shots in terms of his emotional appeal to people when he reminded folks of being from a town in scranton and reminded folks that mitt romney pays a lower percentage of taxes than his neighbors. he seemed to connect in the heart and guts. those are the kind of emotional and deeply personal or profound visceral connections that so often helps to sway undecided voters. all in all, i thought it was a heck of a debate. we need more debates on this level. martha did a fantastic job. this was her first major debate.
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paul ryan has never been on a national states like this before. young man in his early 40's. he showed himself to be capable and worthy of being on such a big states. >> the twitterverse was talking about joe biden's facial expressions, and less about paul ryan's. personal body language? >> the republican and democrat students see different versions of things, depending on their own ideology. the students like the centers but they do not like the negativity. and they do not like the attacks. they do not like when people pound on other peoples' record. they like a light hearted zingers and the smiles and laughs.
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i thought last week, obama had a few of those, but not enough. romney had a few of those. they paidiles, attention. what i found was even a month clinton among folks who did not care for joe biden, when he left or smiled, their attention was on those smiles and not what mr. paul ryan was saying. i do not think joe biden's facial expressions heard at all. it is scranton joe. he will occasionally make a gas. -- a gaff. he is not on a teleprompter. he most. that is everything we complain about. they are on teleprompter as an art overly scripted. when you get a real person on -- biden, -- like joe biden
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i did not think there was any major gaffes. the end analysis is the biggest question is, did biden man age to lose the dial -- move the dial? i do not know. he clearly did a good job. i suspect he won the debate. did he move the dial? i do not know. i cannot imagine after watching this debate who is still undecided. these two men provided very articulate, well reasoned, to completely different reasons for where this is headed. >> students will have a chance to see all this up close and personal when the debate process makes its way to win university later in the month. thank you very much.
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>> always a pleasure. >> weaken -- we began our completely pay -- a replay of the debate. >> first, i did not think the moderator did a good job. unless the intended format was still set the question and let them freestyle for 3 minutes, that is what i got out of that. when she asked a question or posed a challenge, she pretty much allowed it to go and that is how ryan -- ryan got caught. he tried to do decorum hike in congress. you cannot do it. the moderator allowed him more freestyle answer session. biden, he did his job. he needed to push. whether what he said was factual or not. or rude or not, by and pushed it not appear -- a lot.
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ryan needed to come back and not be rude, but say, i am sorry, you are not correct. you are interrupting my time. he tried to be polite. he will probably come back and say, i tried to do what president obama tried to the last time around, be polite. the president just said, i was trying to be polite. i give biden a point for pushing the way he did. he was rude. some of the sacks were not facts. -- his facts were not facts. he did it last time around as well. to me, it is a drop. ryan looked like a rookie. but he did not see it coming. biden has done that before. >> thank you. let's go to georgia. riddick, georgia calling this a debate.
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---weet a what did you think of tonight's debate? caller: joe biden kept interrupting. i did not care for his miles. can i felt like paul ryan was very scripted. this is the way they have been trading him -- training him. i felt like joe biden knew what he was talking about. why would he not? i would go with joe biden. >> do you know who you would
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vote for? caller: after last week's debate, i was very on short. tonight, i would go with biden and obama. but there are two more debates to come up. we will have to weigh both of those debates to see how i will vote. >> thank you. on twitter -- the only jobs debate is on taxes? next is a call from nicholas, a democrat. caller: thank you for having me. i think it is important to note biden was fact checking everything ryan was saying the entire time. ryan was down off statistics. biden was pointing out that all of the information is not accurate. that is something we have not seen in the campaign. needs to happen more. i encourage everyone to fact
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check everything the candidates said. biden's smart cannot help them. that was not a deciding factor. with the current economy, i do not care who laughs during debate. i care more about the substance of what they said. ryan's closing statement was far superior to biden's. i was expecting more on the economy. i expected more zingers from biden on his budget. i was pleased roe vs. wade was mentioned. in closing, i think it was very close but biden had a slight edge tonight. >> thank you. the pool of news organizations have set a report about the present and his reaction. this is a quote from the president. "i will make a special point of saying i thought joe biden was a terrific tonight. i thought he made a strong case. his passion for making sure the economy grows for the middle class came through.
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" cap to your telephone calls. david, a republican. caller: thank you for having me. it is a pleasure to hear everything from c-span. watching the debate, i am a republican. i thought mr. romney -- mr. ryan came across as the better candidate for many reasons. joe biden came across to me as a tranquil man, very unlikable and very un presidential. he was staring, rude, interrupting, talking over and out of turn. a very destructive, laughing, smirking, shaking his head, -- pointing the finger, angry tone of voice. very condescending. he spoke more than ryan did by over a minute, almost two minutes more. fact checkers have already gone over the time.
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i thought ryan had a stronger finish, as the independent spoke earlier said, and i thought joe biden came across as having more experience and very aggressive, but over aggressive. he was not professional. he was not using decorum. a thought the moderator using the system, the format she used, seemed to interrupt ryan much more often than riot -- and biden, not letting him finish his statements. that bothers me. overall, i thought ryan had a great finish. he had a strong closing statement. i thought, overall, he did a much better job portraying himself as presidential. a polite young man. a very professional. maintained his cool. very respectful. thanking joe for the debate. joe did not care to mention his name in his closing statement. it was a great debate.
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i am happy with it. overall, i think, given the fact he does not merely have as much experience in debating in this type of format, i thought paul ryan did a much better job. >> thank you. the romney campaign, sent up by twitter. these photographs of a candidate watching the debate tonight with a student contest winner. christine. you can see the various pictures of governor romney there. as we look at that, next up is a tweeted. and to the big tweet -- tweet. listen to another clip from tonight's debate. >> this notion that 47%, it is about time they take some responsibility. instead of signing pledges to grover norquist not to ask the wealthiest among us to bring back the middle class, they should be signing the pledge
11:15 pm
saying to the middle class, we will level the playing field, we will give you a fair shot. we will not repeat the mistakes we made in the past by having a different set of rules for wall street and main street, making sure we continue to hemorrhage these tax cuts for the super wealthy. they are holding hostage to the middle class tax cut because they say they won't continue the middle-class tax cut unless to give the task of for the super wealthy. it is about time they take some responsibility. towns.
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situation? absolutely. but we're going in the wrong direction. the economy is barely limping along. job growth in september was slower than it was in august and august was slower than it was in july. direction. 23 million americans are struggling for work. 15% of americans are living in poverty. this is not what a real recovery looks like. we need real reforms for a real recovery. proposing. get america energy independent by the end of the decade. get this deficit and debt under control. >> -in -- in addition to asking your comments, we put up some polls. this is not scientific. it is just for people who happen to take part. 1483 say joe biden on the
11:17 pm
debate. paul ryan, 1095. we are listening to your calls and reaction tonight. the next up is a democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was very moved by vice president joe biden. a heartfelt story about losing his life. i never knew that about him. four years ago, it was my first time voting. i voted for obama. i will again i am at 47 cents and he was mentioning. i was laid off in 2010. i just want you to know when robert watson was just on and he said vice president biden on a personal level, it is true he says that with the american people. i learned a lot about him personally. four years ago, i had never heard of him. now seeing this, i have two kids in college who will be first- time voters.
11:18 pm
i am letting them make up their own determination. i made sure they saw both debates. one is 19 and one is 20, and they have better things to do. it is my job as a mother to make sure they are aware of the facts. i did not see too many facts on paul ryan. joe biden did tell him about the facts. i do agree with him. i did learn a lot tonight. i just wanted to mention that. i do agree with robert watts and what he said about vice president joe biden on a personal level, that he is a real guy. i believe that is true. it was heartfelt. >> thank you. chadwick on twitter. good moderation. next is a room, watching us from college, texas. you are on. caller: how are you doing?
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>> we are great. interested in your reaction. caller: i am a hispanic from texas. they were talking about abortion a lot. the different types of opinions both sides have. i am originally a republican. after this year, i am not really too happy with both of the candidates. i cannot really say i am a republican now. especially what they did to ron paul over the conventions. i am greatly disappointed in that. i am kind of frustrated they did not let gary johnson debate. i honestly believe that now, with the two sides, it seems very scripted. i was listening to one of the callers earlier and they said there were a lot of differences.
11:20 pm
to me, i do not really see that. they are basically saying that whether we should put 10,000 troops in instead dovecote 1 million troops in, i do not understand why they should even have troops are around the world anyway. >> thank you. we will let you go with that point. back to the spin room. this is the congressman from maryland. you may have learned earlier he was the stand in for the vice president's preparation for the debate tonight. the role of congress and ryan the vice president got ready for tonight. >> i do not know -- i am assuming they did not. what he does know is that the bryant -- the romney-ryan budget would cut our security. to the extent that what we are
11:21 pm
trying to do here, preventing this from happening in the future, making sure our embassies are secure. hopefully, the lessons learned are the proposed cuts to that budget, that idea. [indiscernible] >> we will leave at that point. we have 10 more minutes to take your telephone calls and reactions to tonight's debate. and facebook messages and tweets. caller: thank you for having me on. i like to have my voice heard. i am currently a libertarian. i will vote for the republican party. i feel like we are losing our rights right now. obama is going in the wrong direction. >> thank you for participating. next up is cheryl, in texas, a
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republican. caller: hi. >> what is your comment? caller: i found it shameful is no wonder many people find us a joke today. i was really strong for romney- ryan, i wish from the would have shut some manners aside and stated his points a little bit clearer. my question is about their behavior. did they have the questions to this debate prior to the debate? >> the debate commission would tell you they do not even know the questions before martha asks them. that is what we are told about how it works. caller: do we know why she was chosen because it seems lefthanded that obama was at her marriage and she is the one
11:23 pm
running her to -- the debate. >> i would in courage you to find the interview we did with the republican head of the debate commission. you can find it on our website. it is explained how all of the moderators were chosen, including tonight. next up is barbara, a democrat. go ahead. caller: i would like people to remember there are jobs out there. they may not be jobs you want, but there are jobs out there. i am in the secretary business. i had to get a job at our local convenience store. there are jobs out there. mr. romney, he spent obama pretty good on the debate last year -- last week. but, mr. romney spoke with fork and on. he said he would create jobs, then get rid of pbs. big bird, ernie, they are as
11:24 pm
human beings who will lose jobs. he had me convinced i am a hardcore democrat. how can you do that? we are not stupid. we are voters. how can you talk with fork and towns like that and think we will not catch it? >> thank you. we will let you go with that point. on twitter -- next up is burt. caller: hello? i am from lincoln, nebraska. >> go ahead. caller: i want to thank c-span. you do a great job. you let people talk. i think to do a fantastic job.
11:25 pm
i appreciate that. it is from the heart. i have been a swing voter in the past. i have gone both ways. i thought joe biden was incredibly disrespectful. one of your early comment thirsted a better job than i could ever. his attitude and his demeanor was less than vice-presidential and certainly less than presidential. i was surprised by the other candidate, ryan, who held his own. i thought he did an incredibly good job. the fact checking seems to be on the shorthand for joe. i think he scored some really good points on the economy. i have to sway a little bit the other way when it comes to middle class and some of the issues that relate to the tax breaks for the ultra wealthy. i find it difficult in this
11:26 pm
particular debate to pick a clear winner. i would definitely fault biden for his attitude. i thought his demeanor was disrespectful and very non- presidential. i thank speeds -- c-span. you have done a great job. >> thank you for calling. the obama campaign has tweeted a photograph of the president watching the debate. here it is. it is described this way. president barack obama what is the vice presidential debate aboard air force one with staff on route home from florida. the next telephone call is tony, who is watching us in florida. a democrat. caller: first of all, thank you. pi like to say -- i would like to say romney is will using something i call deceptive intelligence. he seems he is coached. he tells have troops, -- half
11:27 pm
truths, and it does not have a budget. foreign policy. if ryan and anybody is in the office, cable separate america -- they will separate america like bush did from the world. we have the best people in the office right now for foreign policy. when we went in and we raise billions of dollars. i am a soldier. i am a veteran. we spent billions of dollars on a war. we had more countries in which fit, they would put some of the bill. some of the people talking about attitude when it comes to biden, they need to stop boring about his attitude. they better start listening to what is being said.
11:28 pm
if attitude is what you are voting on right now -- because he will not allow his opponent to get more time. if you are only voting off of what you see in here in these pieces, you need to do research. this is the problem we have right now. people vote against themselves. we have people who have absolutely no medical insurance, then will vote for a president who is going to kick that does not care about them. >> we have to jump in. running out of time. thank you for your call. twitter -- christine in san diego, what did you think of tonight's debate? republican. caller: ryan held his own. he was strong in his answers. calm, respectful.
11:29 pm
i agree with him about the abortion situation. the abortion on the democratic side is a way of birth control. who put a bird in joe biden's knickers? he was very sarcastic and angry and frustrated. that is what i wanted to say. >> thank you. an independent from florida. caller: how are you? ?" comment. caller: i am going democrat. the other side did not give me the information. i have to go with biden. he was a little bit too pushy and spoke out of turn, but that happened the last debate. give it to the democrats. thank you. >> sean is the last word for this hour. we will replay tonight's debate in its entirety. for those of you who would like
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